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Another Time is a fun and inspiring “road trip” from the mountains of West Virginia and the streets of small-town Indiana, to both the joys and struggles of fulfilling God’s call and growing a large, ministry-minded family.

“I’m grateful that the Keatons provided these wonderfully edifying memoirs. Their lives are a testimony of God’s faithfulness to those who wisely walk in His ways.  I’m not sure if this book should be in the marriage or parenting section of bookstores, but the humorous stories and practical wisdom will keep you reading to the end!  So inspiring. I loved it!"

– Dr. Mark Bird

Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology

God’s Bible School & College


Another Time

Two Unlikely People.

Their Uncommon Path.

An Unshakable God

170 Pages | Paperback



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All is Well

Finding the Great Heart of God

When a Child Walks Away

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“This is the incredible story of a modern missionary family obeying the call of God to service for him in a foreign land in spite of their fear and insecurity; it's the story of the self-emptying process so that Christ could be all, and the fruitfulness that followed. Becky is a powerful speaker and writer. In this book she's incredibly up front and honest about her family's struggles on and off the mission field. You will laugh and you will cry. But more importantly, you'll worship. If you're ready for a thrilling missionary biography that will challenge you to the core of your being, don't hesitate to pick this one up.”

From a review by

Edward Cook of Kingsley Press

It's All About


One Woman’s Discovery

of a Fruitful Life in a Foreign Land.


170 Pages | Paperback

115 Pages | Paperback

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“If your heart is heavy for a wayward child or grandchild, you must read this book! It is filled with powerful, redeeming truths from God's Word. The gripping accounts of God's grace in the midst of a parent's worst nightmare will bring you hope and inspire you to stay in the battle until God has won the victory.”


– Jeff Keaton,

CEO & President, Renewanation



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*Free shipping offered in the Continental United States Only.


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Eyes To See is the story of God's incredible grace and faithfulness to a missionary family as they journeyed with their son and brother into the world of blindness. Eyes to See chronicles the loss of a little boy's sight in one of the most powerful human-interest stories I have read in years. Like thread pulled by a needle, you will quickly be drawn into the traumatic events that plunged a young missionary couple into deep uncertainty and their youngest son, Jesse, into total darkness. As physical sight is lost, spiritual insight is gained - insight so profound that your eyes will be opened to see how God can redeem the most agonizing experiences for our good and His glory!"


– Dr. Michael Avery

President Emeritus

God's Bible School & College


Eyes to See

Glimpses of God in the Dark


127 Pages | Paperback


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