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Two unlikely people

Their uncommon path

An unshakable God

Becky Keep

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page.
I love to share stories; stories of grace; stories that I trust will make God seem as good and kind and strong as He is, and as He is becoming more to me as the seasons of life come and go.
The stories I tell, and those I have written together with my husband, Tim, have been experienced before they were penned. The cancer diagnosis of a child, the call of God to a foreign land, the fun and yet sobering responsibility of mothering five strong-willed children and the pressures and joys of Christian ministry. These experiences, blended together with the life-giving truth of the word of God, are the things I feel called to speak and write about.  
I am an ordinary woman who, like many of you, has experienced the goodness and grace of an extraordinary God. My prayer is that every word I speak or write will point others to Him.
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